Our complete supply and fit service helps to reduce the amount of errors which are associated with premises building. Being the supplier of the frame and windows puts the responsibility on us to make sure that everything is coordinated so that the house becomes a sealed shell as soon as possible. The service we offer is comprehensive from design and supply of kits only, through to supplying complete houses. We are a one stop for customers wanting to self-build. Our frames are of a high specification with all internal panels, roof trusses and floor joists at 400 centers to ensure a better-finished house.We also spec. easi-joists as standard, these help minimise the amount of steel work needed, due to greater spans achieved.
This also speeds up the 1st fix process for both electrical and plumbing trades. We only use our own contractors to erect our kits and fit our joinery, this again helps to ensure a quality end product. We offer a level of service and advice that our competitors can not compete with. We have negotiated extremely competitive prices with various regional suppliers, these are passed on to you or your clients to assist them in achieving the desired project within their desired budget.
* Timberframe kits
* Windows and doors glazed and finished with a Teknos paint
* Plastering
* Pre finished 2nd fix joinery
* A full range of stairs and components
* Groundworks and slab
* Sewer connections
* Blockwork, brickwork and stonework
* Decorating
* Slating
* All 2nd fix trades and materials
* Full Project management